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Update Days: Maui
210.0 EUR
Zaznamy Frontend whatever
20.0 EUR
Update Conference Prague 2021 Online Individual
300.0 EUR
Update Conference Prague 2021 Online Team
900.0 EUR
Update Now: Passwordless
100.0 EUR
Update Now: Microservices CZ konference.
150.0 EUR
Update Now 2020 Individual Lístok pre jedného užívateľa.
170.0 EUR
Update Now 2020 Company Lístok pre desiatich užívateľov.
400.0 EUR
Update Days: ASP.NET Core
85.0 EUR
Update Days: Legacy Aplikace
85.0 EUR
Update Days: Xamarin
85.0 EUR
Corestart 2.0
85.0 EUR
Future of ASP.NET
85.0 EUR
Architecture & Security Days 2017
85.0 EUR

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